Miriam Golomb is an Atlanta based dance and movement artist with an affinity for helping others creatively, using movement as a tool to enhance artistic collaborations in dance, fashion, and film.

Miriam started her training in Philadelphia at The Olga Kresin Ballet School. When she was 15, she was chosen to compete at the XI international Ballet Competition, held in Moscow at the Bolshoi Theater. She continued her education at The North Carolina School of the Arts, and spent summers training in Washington, Boston, Budapest, Moscow, and Odessa, dancing professionally after graduation with The Louisville Ballet, Ohio Dance Theater, Columbia Classical BalletThe Alabama Ballet, and The Georgia Ballet.

Since moving to Atlanta in 2011, she has been a founding member of Proia Dance Project, has performed as a guest artist with Tanz Farm, Dismantle Theater, Fly on a Wall, Sky CreatureThe Atlanta Opera, sunday morning at (including its counterpart narrative dance-film)  Birth of Pleasure, Vanguard Repertory Company, Kikimora Collective and she is a Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences artist residency recipient.

Miriam loves helping others find joy and empowerment through movement. The Art of Dance: An Introduction to Movement and Beginning Ballet Technique is a unique workshop experience offered to help facilitate self expression in a supportive and joyful environment.