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I love teaching and Motivating my students to achieve confidence and empowerment through movement

"Miriam’s dynamic and invigorating Barre Flow class incorporates elements of yoga, strength training, dance, and pilates to sculpt and stretch the entire body. Using the ballet barre for support and balance, this low impact targeted class is designed to increase strength and stamina while improving flexibility.

Miriam is passionate about connecting to her students during class, drawing on her dance background to give personal attention to form and alignment. She believes in the importance of strengthening the mind and spirit as well as the body and aims to cultivate a lighthearted, centered and supportive atmosphere during class."

A great class for all levels. Miriam rocks. She explains moves clearly, adjusts when needed, and keeps it fun, even when it burns. This class is a must-have in my weekly routine.”

”this class was alot of fun! great music and Miriam was detailed and mindful. offered variations and challenges!”

”Miriam’s class is always such a great (but challenging) workout. Highly recommend to everyone who wants to experience how amazing barre is, and meet an awesome barre instructor!
— Classpass + Mindbody reviews for Barre Flow
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As a movement artist, I believe that dance should be accessible for everyone

Are you interested in introducing dance movement to your community as a therapeutic and joyful form of self expression?

The Art of Dance: an Introduction to movement and Beginning Ballet Technique is a traveling workshop series with the goal of bringing dance movement to as many people as possible, in a supportive and joyful environment. TAOD is for individuals who want to experience dance movement but don't know how to begin/are too intimidated. The workshops can be held at any time or place and are designed to facilitate mindfulness, joy, and discovery of your own unique movement using the basic principles of ballet for structure.

Contact me to learn what it means to host a workshop

I love how friendly and supportive you were, and especially how you handled going through the basics without being condescending at all — I think that’s hard for most people. I find you to be magical!”

“It was more than I expected, in a great way! It wasn’t boring/tutorial-ly - it was fun!”

“This class was such a fantastic way to get my foot back in the door of dance! Loved it!
— Workshop reviews for TAOD